Roof Flashing &
Counter Flashing


We protect your roof with flashing and counter-flashing techniques

Flashing and counter flashing come standard with any Green’s Roofing installation and repair. We protect the crucial areas of your roof vulnerable to water damage and leaks, including but not limited to sidewalls, headwalls, chimneys, called valleys (where two low points of a roof meet), windows, doors, vents, rakes, and eaves.

A sound roof is only as good as its base, step, and valley flashing. While shingles make up most of the roof system, roof flashing, made up of a thin layer of metal, protects any area where water can penetrate and damage the structure of your home. Even when your home’s roof is fixed or replaced, flashing is often overlooked or untouched. Consult with Green’s roofing if your home needs flashing and counter-flashing repairs.

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